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An SOS lifeline for our elderly relatives at the touch of a button

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Published 16 Jan 2019

[cont'd] have been designed to provide immediate assistance if our elders are in trouble and we think we've found a particularly good one in My SOS Family.

This new personal alert and emergency app for iOS and Android ties together a support network of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues and becomes an SOS lifeline connection no matter where you are in the world. If something goes wrong, the app will alert and alert contacts via SMS, automated phone call or email - via any and every type of phone - and give them all the vital information required including their location.My SOS Family is a simple to use and easy to trigger app for both iPhone and Android with lots of smart and excellent features to help keep our elderly safe. Users in trouble can just press the onscreen red button and SOS Alerts will be sent out immediately to an unlimited number of SOS contacts via SMS, Phone call and email together with Google Map link of the user’s location. To make things even easier, Siri users can simply say "Hey Siri send a message using My SOS Family app" followed by the message that they want to send.

The number of SOS contacts is unlimited, they can be in any country and there's no limit to the number of alerts that can be sent out. However, once one of the SOS contacts takes responsibility by replying to the SMS alert or phone call, all the...