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An SOS lifeline for our elderly relatives at the touch of a button

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Published 16 Jan 2019

[cont'd] other contacts will be sent messages telling them that the situation is under control and being dealt with by the first responder. That way, no-one will be duplicating duties. If someone picks up an alert later on, they will also pick up an update of who took responsibility so they know that things are being dealt with. 

My SOS Family is an excellent app that will give both you and your elderly relatives peace of mind as they will only ever be a click away from a helper if anything goes wrong. It really is an all-encompassing app that offers a simple solution to a difficult problem. The 'trigger' word or phrase can be activated both digitally or by voice command (great for those with impaired sight.) and there's even a timer feature with a 24 hour countdown clock. If the user is about to attempt something that could be considered dangerous they can hit the time button and will then have to check in again after the job is completed. If they fail to cancel the alert, an alert will be sent out. The App also gives you access to the Smart Speaker (Amazon Alexa Skill or Google Home App) also called 'My SOS Family..'

My SOS Family gives reassurance for family members while giving the elderly the confidence to get on with their lives independently but knowing that there's someone there if they get into problems. Different pricing plans are available and they...