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"My WiFi Free" is a new app with the purpose to alert on Wi-Fi events and show you all the details regarding your connection. "My WiFi" lets you know when you're connected to a WiFi network, disconnected or even roam between WiFi access points (paid version). When you are connected to a WiFi network, a full set of details appear, such as speed, max speed, signal strength, external IP, router's manufacturer's name, how long have you been connected to this WiFi network and a lot more. When you're disconnected, the app will tell you when the last time you were connected and which network was your last. Moreover, the paid app also keeps a detailed log on your WiFi events for you to follow and troubleshoot.
Here's a list of features that "My WiFi Free" gives you access to:
* Helps detect problems with your Wi-Fi connection thus allowing you to troubleshoot and find solutions
* Shows icon with notifications regarding your connection and lets you customize what data is visible
* Supports new 802.11ad 60 Ghz standard, shows channel and frequency on top of 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz as well
* Shows maximum speed for your current connection and time since connection started/stopped
* Sounds alerts for Wi-Fi events and possibility to log those events for better troubleshooting
The app is extremely useful when you have connection problems, just keep it installed and it will log all of the information for you (unlike other wi-fi applications, My WiFi does not affect battery life at all).
The app has a free version on Google Play ( ) which gives you all the data you need, even maximum WiFi speed achieved. For advanced information you can get the paid version ( ).

Last updated 14 Dec 2014

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