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Is Windows 8 up to the hype or just another Mac clone?

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Published 9 Nov 2012

It used to be that any release of a new operating system by Microsoft was an event that would be shouted from the rooftops. Who remembers the heady days of Windows 95 when stores opened at one minute past midnight to queues of hundreds of geeks ready to be enlightened. For the last few years Apple Mac have been the top dogs and grabbed all the headlines. Steve Jobs sad passing was the Tipping Point that sent apple into overdrive with tablets and mobile touch technology revolutionizing how we interact with our computer. Now some say that for the last few years that most of Microsoft's 'innovations' have been merely copies of things Mac have been doing for years. So what does Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system have to offer that makes it worth upgrading to? My Windows 8 is an Android application that tells you everything you need to know.
Windows 8 is an operating system by Microsoft that has just been made available but has been in evolution since before the previous version was introduced in 2009. aims to provide Windows 8 tutorials,themes and updates as well as giving you all the information on the latest Windows 8 gadgets, Windows 8 apps, Windows 8 upgrade offers and much more. Windows 8 heralds a number of changes that will impact the way you use your computer. The new touch-optimised start screen is the most visible change as it replaces the traditional start...