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Is Windows 8 up to the hype or just another Mac clone?

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Published 9 Nov 2012

[cont'd] menu. On a non touch device, getting accustomed to it might take a while, but on a touch device it is a joy to use, thanks to gestures. The underlying explorer interface has undergone its share of changes too. You get the Ribbon menu bar interface, Charms bar, a new file copy progress bar, improved search and a revamped control panel. The boot and load times for Windows 8 are much faster than Windows 7 as well.
It was about time that Microsoft updated what was becoming a bit of a clunky Windows 7 system but, with it's main changes involving touch screen technology and syncing, I can hear Mac users from here raising an eyebrow as both have been Mac staples for years. But that is not the only changes for Windows 8 and many are great improvements on previous systems. My Windows 8 details all the new features and shows you how to get the best out of them as well as keeping you updated with all things Windows8 including great new free and paid apps.