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my-artmap is the social network for art & the art market
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Published 19 Dec 2011

Art collectors tend to be an anonymous bunch. You don't really hear much about them until they strike and buy a piece of work and then their name isn't often featured. is the perfect app for those people. It's a social network for artists, collectors and the general art market that's available in several different languages. It's aim is to link the world of cultural world of art with the economic world of collecting.
With the internet so indispensable in our day to day dealings it's about time the artists of the world had their own social networking app. MyArtMap  is the social network for art and the art market that aims to link the world of art and connect the artistic side of art with it's money making side - both privately and business-wise. The app is designed to inspire people with art and to give them a stage where they can talk and discuss about all topics around art. The people who will benefit from MyArtMap are persons or institutions who deal professionally with art and the art market. We are talking here about the auction house, art galleries, museums and exhibitions as well as regular people who are interested in art. Artists and interested parties have the chance to talk about art, to show and to share art as well as keeping informed themselves about current exhibitions, trade faires, auctions and even business and job opportunities. It'll...