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Social networking for the art world

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Published 19 Dec 2011

[cont'd] even inform you of events close to where you live.  MyArtMap is worldwide leading social network for art and the art market and is currently available in seven  different languages and provides an unique network which will be expanded by more languages and functionalities in the near future. The social networking side of MyArtMap kicks in with you creating your own profile and showing it to all the members of this network. You can join interesting groups or share your ideas about a certain topic – or you can create your own new groups and invite all your friends to join!  Create your own art gallery, upload pictures, publish comments and create your own threads to discuss. If you are an artist yourself you can either offer your objets for sale or simply expose your artworks to the big wide world. Create your personal exhibition and invite your friends to watch!
It's about time there was a social network for the art world. Maybe it will offer them some encouragement to improve the visuals on most art sites around the world. It's hard to believe but sites containing artworks appear to be some of the most uninspiring on the Internet. MyArtMap is a welcome addition to the social networking community and gives the arty types the opportunity to share their own work as well as catching up with all the art news worldwide. MyArtMap is an easy to use and free art app...