Developer description

myAssets Household Inventory is a simple and effective iPhone App for conducting an inventory of one’s assets, mainly for insurance purposes. Designed to be user-friendly, it takes only a few minutes to start recording your assets. Insurance companies, in general, wish to settle a claim for a loss, and having the proper proof of a loss is invaluable. This App assists the user in cataloging assets in each room in your house with photos. Include photos of assets, receipts or even serial number plates. You can also take an inventory of other locations such as your “Mother’s Home”, for example. With a couple of clicks, a report is generated and emailed as an attachment. No subscription to a cloud or other service. When your iPhone is backed up, your photos and data are backed up. Need to add or edit an asset, no problem. Two clicks and you have a new .PDF report. Report includes up to 4 thumbnail images of each asset. Be prepared. Your insurance company or police department will thank you. Your claim will be easier to settle and you could recover the cost of this App 1000 times over. Don't just "wish" you had invested the time and a few dollars after it's too late. Get started today.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015