Developer description

Embrace the world of music from jazz, pop, techno, punk rock and other genres with Arkuda’s top range Media Network solution – MyAudioStream! Amalgamate your music listening experience by using MyAudioStream, an UPnP music player and streaming application. Compatible with PC, NAS, UPnP/DNLA servers as well as popular interfaces such as Windows Media Player and desktop iTunes you can output your music various media players such asXbox360, PS3, DLNA renders, Hi-Fi receivers and Smart TVs. Take advantage of your existing technology to control, stream and enjoy your music. Fully compatible with Apple devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) with MyAudioStream you have your entire music collection under control at the touch of a button. Share the music experience with friends and family by streaming your music to a network of speakers. Representing simplicity our intuitive Ark Media Player is built into MyAudioStream and supports the most common digital music formats such as mp3, acc and FLAC

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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