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Published 15 Jan 2012

I imagine the developers of this one have a huge ambition of their own and that is to actually develop something worth logging in to. As it stands I really can’t see the point of it at all. Billed as a platform where you can "maintain a public list of all of your big ambitions in life" the site has been around since the middle of 2011. Looking at the members however they all seem to have registered within the last couple of months so it’s obviously taken a while to get off the ground. The issue I have though is that it hasn’t actually got that far off the ground.

To be fair the blurb does say that they have big plans for the future and I think perhaps they should delay rolling it out to members until they actually have some useful features.

As it stands you can log in and set out your life’s ambitions. To be honest the ones listed are hardly inspiring and include things such as "I want to be a mother" and "I want to become a better surfer", two things that should be fairly easy and requiring a willing man for one and a good sense of balance for the other.

Once you’ve listed your ambitions I’m really not sure what your next move is as the site is not clear on this aspect. Maybe it will all become clear when the ˈbig plansˈ  are revealed. At the moment it just...