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In case of accidents get the black box

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MyCar Recorder Lite is an easy utility that let your iDevice become a video recorder to record ... More

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Published 18 Jun 2012

I've often wondered why all motor vehicles aren't fitted with a 'black box,' in the same way airplanes are, to determine the cause of an accident or incident on the road. The obvious answer, of course, is money. Those little recording boxes are damned expensive. MyCar Recorder Lite is a free car recorder for your iOS iDevices that turns your mobile into a driving recorder to log events in the event of a traffic incident while still functioning as a normal phone so you can call up the relevant services if an incident or accident arises.
If you are looking for a traffic recorder then this free application might well be the one for you. MyCar Recorder features professional traffic recorder software that makes your smart phone turn into a driving recorder. To avoid traffic disputes, this applicatoin helps you to record your car's activities in traffic in real time. And with its emergency call function you can call to your emergency contact person straight away - something a general traffic recorder on the market cannot do this for you. MyCar Recorder Lite is an easy to use application that lets your iDevice become a video recorder to record your driving conditions. When a car accident or other situation happens this app can help you analyze the situation of that moment. Now, your smart phone is your black box or driving recorder for your car. It records sounds and videos while you're driving so you won't miss the most important information when you need an evidence in a traffic dispute or accident.There's also a paid version with even more features.
If you've had a traffic accident that the other party disputes you will know that it can be an arduous task to gather the right information to back up your case. MyCar Recorder Lite provides data in the same way that an airplane's 'black box' technology provides information on the conditions of an accident and does it all on this free app for your iDevice rather than having to fork out large amounts of dollars on a dedicated traffic recorder. It's easy to use and even looks rather nifty, too.  While obviously none of us plan to have a bit of a prang in the car MyCar Recorder Lite does provide you with evidence to back up your case if, God forbid, it does happen.

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