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MYCO Suite is a Cloud solution for small businesses who want to have one centralized solution ... More

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Published 27 Jun 2012

Knowing that there are many of our FeedMyApp readers that are considering starting up their own online small business in the near future we thought it was time to look at a really good comprehensive project management app that will handle all your business needs. In the past we have featured reviews on great business management apps like Doolphy, Apptivo, WORKetc and Solo and MYCO Suite is right up there with the best of them. It's a very professional complete set of management tools that offers time customer relations management, project and document management, billing, time tracking and expense forms - in fact, pretty well everything to set up your new business - and all accessible from your smartphone.
MYCO Suite is a cloud solution for small businesses who want to have one centralized dashboard to have easy access to all your company activities. With MYCO Suite you have a CRM, project management, document management and billing solutions all in one as well as other small business tools ranging from time-sheets for employees, calendars, expense reporting features and plenty more. MYCO Suite focuses on collaboration and makes sure that you never miss important actions of your colleagues, customers or suppliers, internally and and externally. Collaborate with your colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners on workspaces and projects! MYCO Suite is also available on the iPhone which can also be used when offline ensuring that you always have access to your company information. Here's some of the things you can achieve with MYCO. Import your contacts, invoice products, services, time records, expenses and mileage records. There's a scrumboard designed for keeping projects transparent and under control. You can manage time sheets, get visuals of your sales and financial information and share workspaces, exchange files and communicate.
When I said MYCO Suite was a comprehensive business management tool I wasn't joking. It is packed full of great features to make your small business run smoother and, dont worry, you don't have to be a techno-whizz to run it. It has an attractive, professional looking and easy to use interface that even the most inexperienced user will find simple to master. There is a free version with limited features but the Premium version,  at US$15 per month, is still a very cost effective way of taking the worry out of setting up your online business. There's a free trial on now if you are quick. MYCO Suite  is definitely an app to keep  your business in order and to cover all bases.

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