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Finally a restaurant website solution for the little guy. This marketing focused website ... More

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Published 21 Oct 2012

There are some restaurants out there that are taking thousands of dollars per day but that's probably unlikely to happen for a little while until you've established yourself pretty well. In fact, with the way the economy has gone in the last few years, the small restaurant really hasn't got the money to splash out on web design. So when a free web site template app that is specifically designed for the, let's call it a bijou eating place, it's worth sitting up and taking notice.
Lets face it, NOT having a dedicated website for your business in these eFriendly times is almost a recipe for disaster. Cost has always been a problem in the past but finally, there is a restaurant website solution for the little guys out there that allows you to take better control of your online presence. MyDinerSite has been especially designed to cater (sorry about the puns but it's par for the course...) for diners, cafe's and small restaurants and make it possible for the smaller eating places to get themselves on the same level as the big boys. MyDinerSite was developed as a website template app that is marketing-focused. It is specifically designed to promote your restaurants daily specials and events. Whats more, MyDinerSite is designed for the mobile market as well as a regular desktop computer which is essential these days. It features an online menu, a gallery and a slideshow for photographs of dining...