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Published 23 Oct 2011

Why is it that sometimes you are the last to know when your email account has been hacked. Your ISP knows, the people that hacked your account know and it seems some Indian guy that keeps calling me up also knows that my computer has been compromised. Lucky for me he's just in the next town as opposed to being in Hyderabad where he sounds like he's calling from. The eponymously titled MyEmailHacked is precisely that. It's a very simple service that tracks and monitors your email account for suspicious activities and let's you know via your phone immediately if it finds anything iffy.
There are thousands of sites hacked daily. Chances are you might be a member of a hacked site and your security is compromised. MyEmailHacked is a simple email security tool  that can track and monitor web-based email accounts for suspicious activities. It only takes 5 seconds and email monitoring service supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, MSN, AOL and most web-based email providers. The user will be  notified instantly when somebody access their email account. MyEmailHacked also conducts penetrative testing while they monitor your email account for suspicious activities and account security 24/7. Once something wrong is detected the account owner is immediately contacted by phone. The Email Risk Score will tell the account owner how easy it is for a hacker to gained access to their account. So how do they monitor your account? Well, for a start, the Gmail monitoring application can now detect if multiple people are accessing your email at the same time. MyEmailHacked sets up traps in your inbox to catch potential hackers by sending an email trap to your mail box every month. If the email is read by an unauthorized person, the trap is sprung and you will get notified.

Every time I pick up the newspaper these days there seems to be a story about the hacking of email accounts. Whereas a few years ago most of us only really got hassled with stories about Nigerian princes these days the hackers and scanners have got cleverer and cleverer and can never be underestimated. MyEmailHacked not only constantly checks your email accounts for unusual activity - whether it's your flatmate reading your emails of some bloke in China trying to worm themselves into your accounts - as well as conducting regular traps to catch the hackers. This security tool is a cost effective solution and deserves some consideration.

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