Developer description

It's an educational app which is helping to improve your English Reading skills.
But it is NOT for beginners of English learners, just learn like ABC, but for intermediate or advanced level of those who learn English as a second language.
With this app you can find out the unknown words even before start reading books.
So you don't have to read too difficult or too easy books for their vocabulary.
Also you can study the unknown words first and read the books later.
Though everyone has different level of vocabulary this app tells exactly which words you
know and which words don't know based on the each of your vocabularies.

★★ With this app you can improve your English skills significantly ★★
☞ Do you want to become good at English? Then read a lot
☞ But reading is too difficult because of all the difficult words!!! Why don’t you learn the words and start reading?
☞ How can I learn the new words before I start reading? Use this app!!!
■ Do you get stuck on many words when you read a book or newspaper in English?
■ Do people tell you how easy it is but you still struggle?
■ Do you get frustrated while looking at words that are rarely used?
▪ This App's function informs you about the reading level and difficult words even before you start reading!!!
▪ This App highlights the difficult words in a different color and gives a your own definitions so you don't have to look up dictionary whenever you meet unknown words.
▪ This App arranges the difficult words in order of frequency.

Last updated 7 Nov 2012