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Developer description

MyFotoPlaces is built around Google Drive/Photos, so you can find and organize your images by the location. While Google Drive provides excellent service for storing your photos, it is not easy to browse, find and organize your pictures. MyFotoPlaces offers you comprehensive management of Google Photos on the map: browse, pin, view and share your photos. It enables quick navigation over your pictures using location of snapped photos.

Using saved Geotagging, MyFotoPlaces quickly finds the places where you’ve taken the photos and shows the location on map.

You can organize available non-Geotagged pictures by pinning photos into a place on the map. Assign a location to the pictures and find them any time on map.

MyFotoPlaces enables quick preview and full screen views of the pictures in the places. It is easy to demonstrate your holiday pictures – just click map marker to start the slideshow. “My Places” enables quick access of photos in the places. It shows you places where pictures taken or pinned, timeline. You will be amazed how many Google photos you re-discover again!

Last updated 4 Nov 2016

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