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Designed to be your own personal trainer. Regardless of your level of fitness or gym experience ... More

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Published 11 Jul 2013

It seems that every time a good sized shop becomes available around my area there is one of two shops looking to move in. Firstly, there is the beautician that deals with all aspects of nail art. And then there is the Fitness center and gym. The two Main Street success stories of the last five years. It seems everyone wants to get their nails done, and everyone wants to get fit. So, it seems pretty obvious that a nicely designed fitness application like MyGym will find a lot of interest out there in app-land. MyGym is a very user-friendly app that has been designed to become your personal trainer no matter what level of fitness you have or whether you are familiar with the whole gym experience or not.
Probably the best thing about MyGym is that, regardless of your level of fitness or gym experience, this application will aid you through your fitness experience. MyGym provides a user friendly way to create an individual workout schedule for up to 8 weeks and includes a fitness plan option unlike any other application. You simply have to specify your individual aim for the gym by stating your preferred option between weight loss, toning up of the muscles, strength or bulk. Then add which muscles you would like to focus on, the number of sessions per week and the number of weeks you want to run the program for and MyGym will do the rest. The app will create a...