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Published 11 Jul 2013

[cont'd] workout schedule complete with target repetitions. The app includes a comprehensive encyclopaedia of exercises to inspire and provide variety to your gym experience. Each of the exercises has a detailed description to guide you through every movement. To aid your progression through the gym each exercise, (eg weight and repetition) can be recorded and graphed. Every gym exercise is recorded in an exclusive calendar so you can see workouts on a day by day basis and how your gym routines are progressing. For the more experienced gym fanatic the app allows you to create your own multi-day, multi-exercise workouts in advance. This provides structure to your workouts as well as eradicating time lost pondering what to do next.
For those who are pushed for time in the gym, there is a quick workout function to instantaneously create a random workout. MyGym also has predefined workouts stored to target specific muscle groups as well as a detailed workout for all those aiming to work towards the evasive beach body. To record your progress through the gym the application also provides detailed ways of recording many vital statistics ranging from bicep measurements to calculating your very own body mass Index. Whether you are an experienced gym goer or are starting out at the gym for the first time, the MyGym application has a wide range of functions to benefit everyone.


There is no doubt whatsoever that the fitness industry is on the way up. It seems that more and...