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Published 9 Sep 2014

[cont'd] fellow users and earn smiles that you can share with your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or text to help them to become happier. In a few months time you'll be able to look back on your MyHappiness timeline and see when your happiest times were and when you were not quite so happy. Maybe you can learn something about yourself for the future.
One thing's for sure...the world is certainly in need of a bit of love and happiness at the moment. MyHappiness lets you add to the collective consciousness in the world by spreading your own positivity and happiness to your friends and family. This easy-to-use app tracks your happiness level as the day goes on and shows you when your happiness level peaks and falls before offering some feedback based on your social input. The more you use the app, the better the algorithms understand you and the more incisive the feedback. Probably the most interesting feature of MyHappiness, however, is when you look back over your posts from previous months and analyze the peaks and troughs of your emotions. MyHappiness has been described as a personal happiness trainer that will try to teach you how to find future happiness - based on your past.