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Published 28 Nov 2018

[cont'd] make and submit your video. Three notifiers can be listed to inform mylastwill of the user's passing and phone numbers of friends and family are taken. If and when the subject passes away, the contacts will be notified via text or email in a sensitive manner. All these details will be handled by the mylastwill app. They will send the applicable recipients either an invitation to the funeral or a digital copy of the recorded videos. Any doubts about the subject's inheritance intentions will be dispelled by the accompanying video. While legally it is still essential to have a written will, the video deposition will back up the intentions of the subject and make probate court unnecessary and help to facilitate estate law and probate law practices. 

Mylastwill offers five different packages to choose from on an annual fee schedule. These range from $30 to $90 depending on the family size and the number of contacts you choose. Alternatively, there's a special offer of $400 for a twenty year contract. Though useful for everyone, the app is especially helpful for men and women in the military as video wills, video messages and recipients can be changed at a moment’s notice to suit the situation.

The developer's state that this video will gives users the chance to clarify their inheritance intentions from beyond the grave and it's hard to dispute that. With so many people refraining from making paper wills it's certainly...