Developer description

This new social network provides its members creating, exploring and earning from their content. MylifeB is designed to help its members discover similarly oriented ambitious people from around the world and explore information as articles or posts, or even earn money on content created by them. The opportunity to earn money is not only for people with know-how, it is for anyone.
When a user searches the web, and he finds something interesting, he can just share it on his MylifeB page or write an article about it and make some money on it. However, MylifeB wants to maintain high quality content, so they decided to add some limits. Users need to reach 1,000 followers to get earning permission. But it means the users will earn more - The MylifeB splits 60% of all ad revenue from all over the network (Not only from user's content.). The 60% of all revenue makes about 250% of revenue from user's content. The MylifeB interfaces those who have know-how, and those who are looking for it.
Members can use MylifeB to improve their business or in their free time. MylifeB pages will help its users to communicate with their customers, or just to share interesting information with others. With profiles it is possible to connect with current and new business partners, or just find similarly oriented people and enjoy spending time with them. For people with know-how they prepared MylifeB pages and articles. There are many smart people sharing their know-how with others for free. Thomas and his team really do not like to see it. So they decided to pay their users for useful content that users can share through MylifeB pages or articles.
For those who are looking for know-how is prepared environment for comfortable exploring content created by other members. If they don't find what they are looking for, they can visit Answers and Discussion and ask their question.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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