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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Mayan civilization

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myMaya is an application dedicated to the great Mayan civilization, from its inception to the ... More

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Published 7 Oct 2012

There are several different schools of thought regarding the Mayan calendar. The Mayans were an ancient Mesoamerican civilization about whom many stories and legends have been written. They believed that there will be a cataclysmic change in the world when the calendar they created 5,125 years ago comes to its conclusion on 21st December 2012. Some think that date will mark a positive physical or spiritual change in the world's inhabitants leading to a new age. Others believe the date signals the end of the world as we know it or a similar catastrophe. myMaya is an education application for iOS that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about the Mayan calendar and why a third of the world's population has an interest in the events that may unfold at the end of the year.
myMaya is an application dedicated to the great Mayan civilization from its inception to it's mysterious disappearance. Who are the Maya? How did they live and how how did they fight for their lives and conduct the rituals that so many find so fascinating these days? What is the Sacred Mayan Calendar , what is the secret knowledge that is stored inside it and how is it relevant to today's society? All the information in this attractive an informative application is written in simple and accessible language and includes vivid illustrations. Immerse yourself in the world of puzzles and mysteries and you'll see how the great Mayan...