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Present musical projects, find gigs, get hired and get paid!

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It's all about getting and finding more gigs for Professionals and Freelancers in the music ... More

Editor's review

Published 3 Feb 2012

It's pretty easy to see that this music networking application has been put together by professionals in the music business. myMusicCircle provides pretty well everything you need to help your music project take off. It's main purpose in life is to secure employment for musicians, producers and managers etc - not an easy thing in this day and age. Just create your very own professional profile and advertise your specific skills to gain work. Alternatively, if you are putting on a music project you can scour the profiles to get the right person for the job.
Half the problem with the music business is the old 'it aint what you know, its who you know' concept. If you dont have the contacts then life is going to be pretty tough. myMusicCircle turns out to be your surrogate music contact point that provides base camp for your musical adventure. It is all about getting and finding more gigs for professionals and freelancers in the music industry! The main aim set out by the designers is to make sure,  in this tough economic climate, that projects, gigs and jobs posted in the music industry find their way to the right people. It  aims to provide a place where professionals, students with a future in the music business and talented creative and entertainment freelancers find gigs, get hired and get paid! myMusicCircle enables you to be instantly accessable to thousands of potential clients and opportunities. It's a veritable conduit to producers, musicians, studio owners, promoters, marketers and creative professionals opening up what used to be a closed industry to everyone. With myMusicCircle, music professionals and freelancers can find more work and let more work find them. On the other note, people looking to hire music industry professionals and get a service or project done, can choose from the talent pool that creates their online profile detailing their skills and experience. The business motto sums it up quite well - present your musical projects, find gigs, get hired and get paid. Rock on Tommy!
myMusicCircle is virtually your one stop shop for the budding musical professionals looking for gigs and wanting to find a way to express his or her musical experience to the masses. Its very simple to use and very cost effective considering its potential to get you work. It's potential to be instantly accessable to thousands of potential clients and opportunities is a welcome bonus to the music alumni and all you have to do is create your Virtual Professional Profile and submit bids to posted projects.

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