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Developer description is a web app that tries to let you discover interesting news based on your interest. While different other startups try to solve this problem, they focus more on filtering than discovery. does not want to show you what you already know, but wants to let you discover new related articles. It does this with a complex backend that uses semantic technologies, NLP, machine learning and AI. It's recommendation engine it analyzes every single news item on over 50 factors, for every single user, so that also news from not followed topics could be discovered in the feed. If you are using regularly, some very interesting stories from not directly followed categories and sources will pop up on your feed from time to time, making the service really stand out.

But the recommendation engine is just one side of is also built a HTML5, Flipboard-like web app where readers can open the app fullscreen and can simply flip between different articles, like they would with a real magazine. Because of that you no longer have to scan long lists of posts, it is by far more relaxing to read news online. The web app is available as a monthly or yearly subscription.

Last updated 31 Jan 2013