Developer description

MyOwnConference is webinar and video conferencing app. It provides video and audio mode, chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, webinar record, polls and surveys, online meeting.

MyOwnConference supports 15 languages. Up to 1,500 attendees can be present at a web conference at a time. They can join the meeting from practically any device (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android).

Video and sound quality during the broadcast is very high. The platform developers utilize a wide network servers and datacenters around the globe to ensure the platform works in a stable manner, with no issues or delays.

MyOwnConference offers 3 types of tariffs: one-time, monthly and annual ones. The price depends on the number of attendees you plan at your conference. The minimum one-time tariff starts just at €9.95, while monthly payment can be as low as €21.99. Free trial 30 days.

Last updated 30 Sep 2017

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