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What's better than a real life postcard from a friend

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Published 13 Sep 2017

Let's face it, as nice as it can be to receive an online postcard from a friend, it's nothing in comparison to getting a real one in the mail. But that would involve them having to go to the store and to sort through the measly selection of cards to find something that seems appropriate to send. Your friend probably has better and more appropriate photographs on their smartphone than the ones on offer in the store. Then, of course, they would have to sit down and write a few lines on the card before heading off to the post office, buying a stamp and sending it to you. Then you just have to rely on snail-mail to deliver it. Gee, this friendship stuff is really labor intensive, isn't it?

Wouldn't it be better if you could do it all on your smartphone? How about if you could pick one of your own photos from your smartphone, your computer, Facebook or Instagram, add a personal greeting, print it up onto a real card and send it through the post? That would be the best of both worlds, wouldn't it? Well, here's the good news. Now you can! The appropriately named MyPostcard Postcard App is a new app for Android and iOS that makes it easy and quick to create, design and send your own individual, physical, fully personalized, printed photo postcards and greeting cards directly from your smartphone or tablet. Once you've finalised your design, the app will do all the hard work by printing, stamping and mailing all of your cards for you.

MyPostcard Postcard offers you around 10,000 professionally designed templates that will fit any occasion. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a Christmas card or one suitable for a birthday, a wedding, Valentine's Day or any other occasion, you'll find it here. It's very easy to design your own unique card and, when you're ready to go, the app will organise the printing and the sending of your card within 24 hours to and from any location in the world by mail. Postcards are made in a 4.1 x 5.8 inches format, which corresponds to the traditional international postcard format. All postcards are printed digitally on 300g thick paper or postcard cardboard with a high quality gloss lamination on the front side. What's more, you can also use the app to order your favorite photos as high-quality prints to be sent to yourself or loved ones.

Now we should get down to the price. You'd probably think that a fully personalized greetings card would be a reasonably expensive item when compared to a store bought card. Well, you would be wrong there. The price to send a real photo postcard starts at under £2 and includes free shipping worldwide. To send a real paper greeting or folded card in an envelope starts at under £4 and also includes free shipping worldwide. Real photo prints start at £8.49 for 8 photos - also with free shipping and handling worldwide. You can choose one of three stylish retro formats. The classic "postcard" size in a 4.1 x 5.8 inches format, a square 4 x 4 inches style and a trendy instant Polaroid look. Your favorite pictures are developed and printed on premium glossy photo paper and will be shipped in a designer photo box. Payment can be made using most credit cards or PayPal.

So, is there a catch? We think not. Delivery time compares favourably with regular mail with delivery to the UK, US, Canada and most of Europe clocking in at between 3-5 working days and Australia and Asia at 6-10 in most cases. With a total of more than 1 million downloads and a heap of 5-star ratings, this app is one of the most successful postcard apps available anywhere in the world. MyPostcard Postcard App is available for free download for iPhone iPad and Android and all versions are available now from the relevant App Store.

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