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Published 13 Mar 2012

You really can't get a simpler music and radio application than MyRadioList. When they say in the description that it's lean they really aren't joking. The thing is, the whole point of the exercise is to provide the user with an easy to use app where you can store direct links to your favorite radio stations so you can access them instantly whenever you want to and wherever you are. MyRadioList provides the opportunity to effortlessly list the radio stations you care for and have them available at the click of an index finger.
Unless you are a fan of what used to be called Top 40 music and dance around the house to Gaga or the latest flavor of the month you will know how difficult it can be to find a regular dose of music that you love on the radio. There is so much great music out there that it's more a question of finding a radio station or stations that play what you really want to hear. When you find them it would be a great idea to have them available at your fingertips so you can find them when you've heard the number one song one too many times. The purpose of MyRadioList Is to provide the user with a free, lean and simple to use online Internet radio player where you can create your own playlists. The playlists you create can also be edited by you personally and...