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Published 19 Apr 2014

How many times have you seen the Rolling Stones in concert? I've seen them a couple of times over the years but, to be honest, I don't have a great deal of interest in seeing them again. The problem is, they've had so many iconic songs, it can start to get a little dull when they have to play them each time they perform. I mean, can you imagine the Stones playing live and not playing Honky Tonk Women or Satisfaction or Street Fighting Man or... I rest my case. To their credit, they toured a few years back and asked their fans to choose the set list and it turned into a really interesting tour - one of the best in recent memory. MySetlist takes that concept to the rest of the music world by providing a platform for fans to put forward their favorite songs and for bands to gain a rare insight into the music that their audience really wants to hear.
With the concert industry now more technically advanced than ever than ever before, ways for musicians to interact with their fans have never been easier. Thankfully, no longer do fans have to queue outside a venue or try to connect with their heroes through fan clubs to get their love across. MySetlist is a new crowdsourcing music app for both artists and fans that lets both interact over concerts around the world by suggesting and voting on songs at upcoming shows. This bridges the gap between what fans want to hear and what artists should play at concerts.  Artists can submit your show locations and band name to generate a concert page and post each link to their Twitter or Facebook accounts or anywhere else where they think their fans will see it. Fans can search for an artist's show or visit the voting page an artist has already posted and submit and vote on songs they want to hear - or vote for a listed song - simply by clicking on the title. If you have a song you really want to hear you can submit the title and see if other fans want to hear it too.  If you are an artist wanting to connect with your audience, MySetlist is a simple and easy way to improve the experience of shows for your fans. 
MySetlist could well be a very useful music app for both big and small live artists to interact with their audience and actually play the songs that their fans really want to hear. It might also go some way to putting a hold on the lead guitarist's ego when he suggests something with a long solo as the encore. This easy to use app offers artists a great way to crowdsource fans and get feedback from the people that love your music best - the audience! Artists can view all their listed shows and add new ones with just a click. Then they can happily write out their setlist in full knowledge that it's Tumbling Dice and 2000 Light Years From Home that people wanna hear rather than She's So Cold. Then I'll go and see the Stones again.

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