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Learn spells and magic and become a great sorceror

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Feel the magic, try to know secrets of the magic, try your self at sorcery craft , try to ... More

Editor's review

Published 26 Apr 2013

I think things turned around for witches and magic with the popularity of TV shows like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and their appeal to a younger audience. Before that they were considered a bit too scary a subject for younger kids and half the potential audience went out of the door. Then Harry Potter exploded into our lives and now there appears to be wizards all over the place. With the popularity of mobiles and tablets at an all-time high, it's easy to see that the introduction of a game dealing in all things witchery is going to be a winner if it's good.  Mystery of Magic -Witch Spell and Potion saga is a beautiful looking game for iOS where you can try to create spells, learn all the mysteries of magic and become a great sorcerer.
Mystery of Magic - Witch Spell and Potion saga is a beautiful game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that aims to let you feel the magic of spells and potions. It's a game that you can either play on your own or in multiplayer mode against your friends and delivers hours of addictive gameplay.  The app has 15 levels of challenges with 10 basic levels with increasing difficulty leading up to 5 additional extremely hard levels so it caters for all ages and gaming skills.  The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and multicolored - bright enough to capture the imagination of kids everywhere. Mystery of Magic is simple to play but hard to master - especially when you get to the more challenging levels - and the game controls are simple to grasp. The idea of the game is to try to learn the secrets of magic, to test out your sorcery craft, to try to complete magic potions, use magic spells and embrace the real challenge to become a great sorcerer!
I can easily see Mystery of Magic taking off in the gaming market. I guess you would have to say that the target audience is younger but it is certainly a game that will capture the attention of girls as well as boys. It is a pure delight to look at and a pleasure to play with a rating that states 4 year olds and upwards. The younger ones will feel capable in the first levels and older kids will be be challenged when they get to the tougher last five levels. This version of the game adds the multiplayer option meaning you can now play Mystery of Magic with your friends in this fun and addictive retina friendly iOS gaming app.

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