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MySudo is a zero-knowledge, private and secure messenger, browser, and identity management ... More

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Published 25 May 2018

Our online privacy has never been quite as important as it is these days. There seems to be a new story every week about accounts being hacked or identities stolen and I'm starting to get a bit tired of watching Mark Zuckerberg apologising for various Facebook anomalies every few weeks. WhatsApp claimed to have end-to-end encryption but that seems to have been shot down in flames when it was discovered that hackers can insert people into groups without having to have admin permission and the Android version of the Facebook Messenger app comes with a lengthy list of permissions that must be approved before you can download it. Seems to defeat the purpose in my view.

The answer to all these problems could well be an app called MySudo. It basically replaces all your communication avenues plus it gives you end to end encryption, no ads or data mining (with a completely private browser coming real soon) and makes everything totally private - and all from the comfort of the MySudo app on your smartphone. MySudo offers a zero-knowledge, private and secure messenger, browser and identity management platform built into one simple and easy to use app. All your online communications - including private messages, phone calls, emails and group chats - are totally secure with not even the developers having access to them. Basically, you get absolute control over your complete digital identity.

It's very simple to create temporary, permanent or completely anonymous identities within the app as well as...