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Keep track and in contact with your remote workers during the pandemic ... and afterwards

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The hybrid business models we've adopted during the pandemic will continue to evolve, but there ... More

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Published 9 Apr 2021

There has been much discussion over the last year or so about the disruption that has been caused to workers since the pandemic really took hold. Some have lost their jobs completely, some have been working reduced hours and some have been asked to work from home. From the conversations that I've had with people over this time it seems that many are happy to do the latter. However, they've also told me that they tend to work more hours per day than if they were working in the office. Now that many businesses have discovered that abandoning their offices and having their team working remotely is working well, it's safe to say that while it will evolve over time, the hybrid business model is here to stay. 

While workers putting in extra hours sounds great for business, it does add another problem. How do we keep track of our team's working hours and how can we be assured that they are engaged and working to full capacity? Video conferencing tools like Zoom are all very well but there are a few things that it can't fix. So the developers of mySwitchboard have come up with an answer. This productivity app for Android and iOS puts a live switchboard on everybody's desk. It lets workers distinguish when they start work, when they finish and when they have step away for a break. It also keeps them in the loop with all the minutiae...