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Keep track and in contact with your remote workers during the pandemic ... and afterwards

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Published 9 Apr 2021

[cont'd] of knowledge that makes a business tick and run smoothly. It works for both sides because, not only does it establish each person's genuine working hours but it also helps your team create the perfect work life balance that is essential for everyone in a hybrid organization with a remote workforce. 

mySwitchboard lets everyone know exactly what the team are up to whether they are in the office, working from home or working remotely. It will tell you who's working today and whether they are engaged with what's going on today. Are they getting all the updates or are they missing out on important information when they are away from the office? Maybe it's those simple little one-on-one chats that happen around the morning coffee break or those snippets of information you get from a colleague about a specific job. mySwitchboard delivers real-time awareness and one-tap video chat to keep everyone informed and in the know.

The app is mobile friendly and fully functional on any smart device and it's simple to set up no matter where you are. Once you've signed up you'll be ready to go in just a couple of minutes. For owners and managers it will encourage work day accountability by sharing your team's work time and location. The auto timesheet feature will automatically note time and attendance data for each of your team so there's no need for timesheets anymore.

There's a...