Developer description

myTab replaces the new tab page in chrome, with a beautiful, informal and configurable page. With myTab you are able to see a lot more information as with the default new tab page. For example: the weather, the news, bookmarks, browser history, unread emails, jokes, notes, your facebook notifications and even more fantastic tools. But: you haven't see all these information, but only these you want, in the order you want it. Into the changemode (press STRG or the button in the navigation to init) you can choose cards (views), sort them, and remove them from your main view. The design is minimal, but easy to understand. And the full page background can be choosen out of over 30 images. myTab is fast, and even run on slow pc's. It's complete size is reduced by the last update from 23mb to 300kb. myTab wont track your data. If you for example set your city to the default city for the weather card, this only will be saved local.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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