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Developer description is like Google Alerts but for Twitter.

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Published 17 Apr 2019

You know, I really love the way that advertisers and marketers have adapted to various social media platforms over the years. Gone are the days when advertisers blanketed social media with ads and hoped that someone would pick up on them. Viewers have turned away from regular advertising these days and many mentally ignore them. There's a whole generation out there now who mute the sound of tv adverts or, if they're lucky and watch them on delay, they fast forward to the end of the ad break. Consequently, marketers and advertisers have had to be smarter to get their message across.

These days, advertisers turn their attention to an audience that is more sympathetic to their cause. Rather than simply chucking everything out there and hoping that it will stick in the mind of their potential audience. they look for people that have an interest in their product already and can take it further. And with Twitter being one of the premier avenues for online advertising, it seems to be a great place to do it. MyTweetAlerts is like Google Alerts but for Twitter. It delivers email alerts based on Twitter keywords, mentions and a whole lot of other stuff. What that means is that you get filtered tweets that apply specifically to the service that you provide

MyTweetAlerts provides a very comprehensive and flexible way of discovering tweets from people that could be important to you. Here's what it offers. Basically, MyTweetAlerts can send you...