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Find sales leads quicker and more efficiently on Twitter

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Published 17 Apr 2019

[cont'd] alerts and emails when someone tweets about a specific topic that is relevant to your business and the tweet has a significant amount of likes or retweets. You'll also get emails if someone tweets about specific keywords that are relevant to you and if they have a big Twitter following. This means that there is the potential to hit influencers and, with a bit of luck, your product will go viral. The bottom line here is that it will help your small business, agency, or personal brand find relevant tweets to enhance your product or service.

You can use the app's custom management tool to create your own customized Twitter email alerts based on your own specific criteria. It's very easy to do and also provides options on where, when and how often you receive these alerts. You'll also get to hear and see when your customers are talking about your business, product or service when they use Twiiter. The uses for MyTweetAlerts are virtually endless. The app itself is very clean and precise and new alerts are simple and fast to create.. It's also very easy to understand, navigate and manage with everything located under one roof, so to speak.

Why use this app? Well, think of the amount of time you currently spend ploughing through endless tweets looking for potential new sales leads from people talking about your product or service. MyTweetAlerts' smart and sophisticated platform will decimate that time and...