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Published 30 Aug 2011

This app caters for the hardcore gaming fans who want the inside story on the industry. N4G is run by its members, which means all news stories are posted by the community. Members search the net for the most interesting stories, and hundreds of stories get submitted by N4G contributors each day. The most interesting stories get featured on the N4G homepage where they are rated by a temperature score reflecting the popularity of each story.

Just because there're no high rolling editors typing out the news feed it doesn't mean N4G is not hot on the case, there are top stories being posted minute by minute, focusing on the top console and pc game releases, as well as seemingly insider stories about games currently under development. Its quite amazing how much info these voluntary editors are able to bring to the N4G community.


Membership is free, and once you are a registered user you can start posting stories yourself, which makes this site great for would be editors or those who work within the video games industry to share their knowledge. Stories are first checked by N4G admins, and are then posted onto the news feed, here you can see how much attention your story is receiving and if it has a lot of hits, the story could be bumped up to be displayed as one of the featured stories.

N4G is definitely a must click for gaming fans, with some of the best resources on...