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Get the Namaste App® and start getting in touch with the people around you right away.
Write messages for free. Stay in the thick of things, regardless of your contact list.
Post what you’re up to, or what you’d like to do, find people who want to party with you right now or go out and do something together.
You’re new in town? You’re on vacation alone?
Say “Namaste” to new friends and you certainly won’t be alone for long.
Get the optional premium version with the buddy function.
Become a buddy or find a buddy with Namaste.
Are you a car expert, a computer pro, or are you good with your hands? Have you been doing sports for a long time and want to share your experiences with others? Do you want to help mowing the grass, shopping, dog-sitting… just offer to help the people around you and make their everyday lives easier?
You’re looking for someone to take care of your plants and see that things are alright at your house while you’re on vacation? You’re looking for help renovating or with spring cleaning in your garden? You’re looking for someone to do little errands or someone to let the contractors into the house? You’re looking for someone to help you with your workout at the gym or to give you tips?
Then upgrade to the premium version

Last updated 13 Sep 2014

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