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With over 240 million of domain names already registered, having almost 118 million .COM/.NET registrations, finding an available domain name for one's need is becoming a daunting task, especially if one desires a .COM.

NameMesh is a name brainstorming and domain search web app, built for speed and simplicity, to help you find an awesome .COM domain name in no time.

It combines a number of generators into one single and simple search interface which ranks all the generated names using 'MESH Intelligence' along with checking their .COM/.NET domain availability. We use name trends, similarity between words, quality of hack and many more metrics and techniques to determine the rank factor. We also classify all the words in 4 broad categories, corresponding to Synonyms, SEO-Friendliness, Mix-Words and Hacks.

NameMesh also has a unique company name generator which has been custom built for the purpose of naming a company, product or app. It let's you reduce the scope of your company naming to a particular set of keywords which are in-turn held up as concept buckets.It also provides instant key word suggestions which may go well with concept that you may be defining. It provides names for all combinations of key words and cool hacky names formed from only those keywords, hence making it more relevant to company's work or product/app.

We also did a case study for a very popular concept like a photo mobile app. With just few key words we were able to find 24 .COM available domains with 2 .COM domains being formed from complete keywords. These 2 .COM had a combined total of 125,000 global monthly search traffic as per Google Adwords Tool. For more details please check -

NameMesh also provides amazing deals, coupon codes for domain registrations and web hosting.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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