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Launch your business with the best name you can find!

The NameRobot Toolbox is the place to go when you are looking for a name for your next product, app or business. Get maximum inspiration for names in all kind of ways like wordplays or invented names. You can also check your name ideas with the touch of a button for free domains, trademarks, apps or social media accounts.

We have built unique name generators and tools for name finding in the last years. Thanks to the practical grouping of all tools by style and type, you will quickly find your way around. Click your way through and immerse yourself in your name finding.

Visit the different tool categories and choose the name generators that best suit you. Vary and refine the suggested naming styles according to your taste.

In addition to name directions such as fantasy names or classic names, you can also select categories such as "Random Names" or "Names around a Keyword".

The heart of your name search is the Word Depot, where you collect all your keywords and name ideas like in a notebook. Mark your favorites and create clear word lists. Enjoy collected ideas until your desired name is finally found.

Most of the tools can be used for free.

Last updated 2 Sep 2019

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