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Published 11 Nov 2011

Normally the information that Nanocrowd gives you would have come from the person down at your local video store. By getting to know your tastes the more diligent video store people will often recommend something to you that is similar to a film you just enjoyed. Unfortunately, the video store is almost a thing of the past now and that 'word of mouth'  recommendation isn't available to you anymore. That's where Nanocrowd comes in. It's the simplest of movie search tools that delivers excellent results. Type in the name of a movie, click on one of the mood buttons associated with that film and Nanocrowd will recommend a whole bunch of films that are similar in vein.
Whilst there are already lots of good sites where you can comment on movies or get data about movies,  Nanocrowd have created something a little bit different. It's a simple, intelligent and intuitively powerful way to search for movies to watch. With their innovative new technology known as Reaction Mapping™ to interpret the comments people write about movies. With Reaction Mapping they can analyze the millions of viewer comments from all over the Web to gain exciting insights into what movies are really about and what people think of them. Based on those insights and reactions they find movies that you’d like to watch. This is no fly-by-night canvassing either as they use mathematical modeling to analyze and summarize the complex emotions found in movie viewers’...