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Naqeshny is a social experiment that aims, through debates and discussions, to analyze user ... More

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Published 6 Aug 2012

I'm not quite sure of the underlying meaning of an app like Nageshny although I can totally see how it would appeal to some of the more creative thinkers out there. Nageshny could be called a crowd sourcing app and has its origins in the Arab world where it is not quite as easy to get ones point across as it is in less turbulent parts of the world. It considers itself to be a social experiment where users can debate and discuss specific issues and even back their argument up with photographic and video evidence before other members vote to see who wins. Awfully democratic, don't you think, but it's only fun and games until somebody loses an eye - as my mother used to say.
Naqeshny is a social experiment that aims, through debates and discussions, to analyze user interactions and thought processes. It aims to understand the way a mind functions and how easy or difficult it might be to sway it in a different direction. Confused? Well, read on. Naqeshny is a website created to be used as a well-structured and user-friendly platform for social interaction in debates and discussions. By carefully analyzing the way people react Nageshny interweaves the innovative notion of a color concept into users’ profiles using the idea that different colors represent different mindsets and ideologies. Still confused? The idea is, you see, that a user’s color becomes a descriptive characteristic on his or her profile page and the whole color concept provides an easy and convenient means for users to locate others with similar mindsets or opposing ones. But, only if they are interested in being exposed to new people and a new perspective. What this means is that your color is assigned to you to denote the way you think now but it is expected to change as you get better informed. See, i told you this was going to get easier. While Nageshny is probably only going to appeal to the more intellectually stimulated amongst us, users are given the opportunity to make well-informed decisions by accessing easily accessible external sources with links to articles and news websites readily available on Nageshny. So, are you beginning to get it now? Naqeshny was born as a result of the events taking place in the Arab world where most citizens are preoccupied with politics and issues concerning their future and Nageshny proposes to take those issues (along with many others) into the public arena by way of discussion and social interaction.
Nageshny is a place to debate with others but it's not just like a chat room where everything goes silent when Hitler's name is mentioned - and you can guarantee it will be at some point. It takes thing up a level by encouraging both sides to back up their arguments with facts based on photos, videos and news items which can be readily accesses from within or you can hunt up your own evidence. Even though it can deal with some serious issues there's got to be a lighter side and Nageshny provides that with a voting system from fellow members and friends. Their mission statement tells us that knowledge is vital to the enlightenment of the world and there is little better way of disseminating this knowledge than through public forums where the real people can tell their story. What it really is is a platform that assists individuals to form opinions based on make well informed information. Sounds fair to me.

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