Developer description

Narrate is a new journal/notebook for Android. It was designed with inspiration from Google's new Material guidelines, and it was created with the best possible user experience in mind. While still in its infancy, Narrate has a ton of big features planned and is committed to working with its users to create an experience unlike any other.

Some key features include:
- Slick, Modern UI Design
- Fast, Reliable User Experience
- Frequent updates
- Markdown support
- Sync with Dropbox (requires Narrate Pro)
- Sync with Day One (uses Dropbox Sync)
- Google Now 'Note to Self' Integration
- Statistics (# of days, # of notes/entries, # of locations)
- Quickly & Easily create/modify notes/entries
- Search & Filter through entries/notes

The team behind Narrate is committed to providing frequent, feature-packed updates, modern design, fantastic user support, and much more.

Last updated 30 Aug 2014