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Website to native app, a growing trend!
Wouldn’t be easier to simply convert your existing website to a native mobile app?
This would save time, capex and technical hassle, isn’t it?

Well, it is now possible with, built by passionate tech entrepreneurs for those who want to test or publish android apps fast and without a single line of code.
Your website must be however fully responsive, in other words, mobile friendly for the best result and store acceptance.

How does it work actually?
1/ Create your responsive website / web app.
2/ Convert your web app on website or mobile app, by filling up a form;

Input your web app url
Upload your icon (png, transparent background)
Name your mobile app
Brief description
Your bundle ID
APP ID (OneSignal push notification)

You can preview before purchase.
Uploads, push and geolocation work perfectly and it is Play store ready with 100% acceptance.

Other advantage is the quick deployment, in case you need to update your content, you just need to modify your web app and it will be automatically reflected on your nativated mobile app.

What do I get?
Nativator will send a package containing:
1. The ‘Production’ version of your APK file, the one you need to publish.
3. Key store.
4. Confirmed package ID.

How much does this awesome service cost?
Not much! The tool is startup friendly and offer the Android at $13 with speed of light conversion.

Can I see a preview?
Of course, has a demo app that any one can download to have a look on the end-product. Looks pretty good:

Or try out your own web app on device with Nativator Preview app: [url=][/url]

Now you know how to convert your website into a native mobile app with fun and straightforward way without going broke!

Last updated 16 Apr 2020

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