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Natural Remedies is the health app for your wellbeing and natural lifestyle. It has healthy recipes, DIY remedies, herbal teas, essential oils, articles about home remedies, all based on scientific research and all in one app. Every day a new article is posted.

The main sections are:
- Natural Remedies: list of all the natural remedies you can use for your healthy lifestyle
- Essential oils: list of the essential oils with properties and benefits
- Healthy food and diet: recipes with a step by step procedure
- Relax music: section with relaxing music like water, wind, nature sounds to calm your mind and body
- Sudoku: keep your brain on exercise with sudoku
- Yoga exercise: video to practice at home yoga to stay fit, both for beginners and advanced
- Healthy news from science: the most recent scientific studies about lifestyle, wellness, nutrition and health
- Chromotherapy: based on the color-method to induce relax before bed.
- Problems and diseases: list of common diseases, like allergy, poor digestion, acne, joint pain, nausea, anxiety, wrinkles, and the natural remedies that can be helpful

This health app, easy and fast, is a handbook of the natural remedies for the most common diseases, lot of healthy recipes and healthy tips, to get healthy and stay healthy.

Last updated 12 May 2021

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