Developer description

Nature offers to us solutions and remedies for most of common non life threatening illnesses.

Toothache, insomnia, acne as well as nausea are just some of the illnesses that can be treated with natural methods without the overuse of medicines.

Natural remedies such as tea, herbal tea, mother tinctures and glycerin macerate act slowly, require patience but if they are the right remedies can be very helpful and do not have the collateral effects related to medicines.

This app, easy and fast, is a handbook of the natural remedies for the most common diseases.

The app is structured as follows:

- Remedies: a list of plants, fruits and essential oils with explanations about uses and benefits.

- Problems and diseases: list of the most common illnesses (allergy, poor digestion, acne, joint pain, nausea, anxiety and much more) with the related natural remedies.

- Last news from science world: the most recent scientific studies about lifestyle, nutrition and health are reported.

- A small present: this section is based on the color-method to induce relax before bed.

Last updated 1 Feb 2016

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