Developer description

The Near Life App features one of the worlds first digitizations of an entire exhibition in 3D. The 'Near Life exhibition' took place in one of the worlds most famous Museums, the James-Simon-Gallery, which is inside Berlins Pergamon Museum.

The combination of high quality 3D and navigation via AR makes our digital experience one which gets close as you can get to actually standing in the space yourself. No hopping from one 360ยบ image to the next, or having to conform to constrained view angles. You can roam around the 650sqm (approx 7000sq ft) of exhibition space, free of any limitations. You can explore 200+ exhibits, plus their audio guide within the app. Additionally we've added 20 individual models with 4K textures for the most important exhibits, so you can dive in and look at all the surface detail from up close. As an extra feature you can also place artworks right in front of you via AR.

The Near life app is a labour of love which we created for free in collaboration with the National Museums of Berlin. The idea came from having to watch museums and cultural institutions close all around the globe, as a result of covid-19 pandemic. Hence we wanted to create a tool to literally put culture back into peoples palms and also to demonstrate how museums can make their collections accessible to a wider audience all around the globe.

Last updated 28 Jul 2021

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