Developer description

The NearBuz app enables you to easily find and hire freelancers around the globe (usually for some digital services) and locally for actual physical work. The app enables that with smooth design and almost flawless functionality.

On 28th April, 2016 we launched NearBuz on android play store; app is available in all countries, free to download. Unlike other freelance platforms we do not charge for job posting & commission on completed jobs.

Our primary goal is to help businesses & households to outsource the stuffs that are pending in their to-do list. Being a businesswoman, I also have a big to-do list and today scheduled a meeting with an SEO guy using my android phone & NearBuz app without paying & wasting time “Says founder Lavanya Vishwanatham.

NearBuz can be used by both businesses and freelance professionals. Business can find and search for job doers easily. They can do that either by skill category or by geolocation of employee. On the other hand, the app can also be used by professionals, students, service providers and anyone who is looking to earn additional amount of money.
App Features
► Hire skilled or unskilled professionals, students, housewives, MNC employees for part time, full time or any business or household gigs
► Find nearby job/task posters with map search feature & text search feature
► College students can earn money by doing some short duration tasks like teaching guitar, tutoring skills, doing web development tasks in extra time
► Job will go live instantly; our backend team take care of spammed listings
► Check most active workers in your area to make right hiring decision
► Filter categories according to your requirements and find suitable job or task doers.
► Safe & Fast payment method integrated

Last updated 24 Jun 2016

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