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Published 12 Mar 2018

Many years ago there used to be characters called spruikers who stood outside of shops and restaurants extolling the virtues of the goods that were sold inside. You still occasionally see and hear them now but it's a bit of a dying art. They would orate like a town cryer and inform anyone walking by of the great things on offer inside and were an essential part of high street shopping. These days, with virtually every shopper holding a smartphone, there are more effective ways of grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Proximity marketing does pretty much everything that the old spruikers used to do but it probably does it more effectively. NearNotify is a new marketing app for Android, iOS and web that encourages customers with custom promotional messages, website addresses and other general information on their phone whenever they are in range of the signal. How does it do this, I hear you ask? Well, a retailer can use small, battery operated wireless devices (or beacons) to transmit Bluetooth signals to nearby smartphones. The good news is that the customer doesn't even need to have the app on their phone to receive them. NearNotify will get the message across whether they have the app or not.

As a potential customer moves into range of the signal they will receive a message on their smartphone of a promotion or a special offer available. If the customer is intrigued and interested in the message and enters the store to find out more, a more detailed message can be transmitted as they move closer to the item on the shelf. After a purchase the customer can then receive a third message with coupons to encourage a return visit next time.

Apart from the obvious sales potential, NearNotify increases brand awareness and enhances the shopping experience. The potential of proximity advertising is neverending for all businesses and isn't just limited to retail sales. Imagine the possibility for a real estate company to instantly connect with a prospective buyer with all the information about a property, or the car dealer giving all the details on a car for sale. Conference, festival and event organizers will be able to get their message across with maps and schedules in an instant. Hotels, bars and restaurants can offer 'happy hour' deals and special promotions to enhance their patrons' experience. Schools can even use them to inform students of nearby events and classes. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you're worried that you need to be an expert in marketing to fully utilize NearNotify's potential, you don't have to worry. They offer training so you can you learn the basics of proximity marketing and the setting up of devices using online video tutorials, FAQs and blogs. They'll have you up and running in no time and, in three simple steps, you can be notifying customers in an instant. They also offer real time analytics so you can easily understand how many visitors saw your content and how many responded. You don't have to worry about long term contracts either. You can simply sign up for a month if you want to. NearNotify works for any business. Download it now for free and start your own form of spruiking and grow your business.

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