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Published 8 May 2014

Big business has whole departments to follow up on any business leads in order to take them to fruition. They run vast CRM's that are overflowing with features and make sure that they do everything in their power to nurture even the merest hint of a lead and turn it into a business opportunity. That's not so easy if you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a small businessperson who might not have the time or the resources to follow things up quite as efficiently. Nectar is an easy-to-use and very manageable lead tracking solution that is designed for those of us that don't have copious amounts of dollars or the manpower to organize and nurture leads and show potential customers that you are just as on-the-ball as the big guys.
One of the biggest problems that many smaller companies experience is letting leads falling through their fingers because they aren't followed up on quickly enough. Unless you are well organized, it can be easy to forget to return that phone call or send that quote.  Most small businesses don't want to invest the time, money or expertise into a cumbersome and over-confusing CRM because they too complicated. As a consequence, many will end up trying to manage leads by relying on email or creating an Excel spreadsheet - but they can often be ignored, forgotten or lost in the clutter. Nectar is a sweet and simple sales lead management application that was specifically built to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to track their sales leads and close more deals.  It does it by enabling you to organize, track, nurture and automate all of your prospects easily and without confusion and push them through your sales lead pipeline. Nectar means that you will never again miss a sales opportunity and you’ll always be on top of your business.  One of the features that I liked most was the automated follow-up tool that saves time by grabbing new leads from your website and putting them into Nectar automatically. Collaborating with your team is easier than ever when using the simple cloud-based dashboard. You can share, manage and track all of your leads with anyone on your team. You will always know how many leads you have, where they’re at in your pipeline and how many you’ve won or lost. You can explore all of your old leads – won or lost. Nectar keeps everything neat, tidy and stored securely for you. And, to make sure you never miss a lead again, they'll send you a quick email reminder so you'll always know where you stand. You'll also get a weekly email detailing and analyzing the events of the week. Simple but smart!
Okay, let's put it out there. It would be plain crazy to ignore an app like Nectar if you are looking for a simple yet smart customer relations manager. Sure, you could invest in one of the more comprehensive apps out there but, chances are, you wont need half the stuff that you are paying for. Nectar has just enough features to help small businesses and freelancers to be able to respond to any leads, but not too many to confuse them. Nectar is in beta mode at the moment with all features completely free so it would be rather daft to let it pass you by.

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