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Negotiate It is for anyone who has ever been charged a $30 overdraft fee, or wanted to lower ... More

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Published 16 Oct 2012

While I was doing a little background research about this finance tips application it was hard not to see the plethora of mentions of developer Ramit Sethi. It would appear that Mr Sethi, a New York Times best selling author and former Stanford inmate, is the bees knees when it comes to negotiating deals. He runs a blog called I Will Teach You To Be Rich and has now released this monetary guide based on his ability to negotiate his way out of everything from bank fees to car insurance whilst also teaching you how to best negotiate your next wage rise.
Negotiate It is for anyone who has ever been charged a $30 overdraft fee or wanted to lower their cell phone bill  but wasn’t sure where to start or what to say. Now, the tough parts of negotiation have been taken care of for you. When you are in a negotiating position, all you have to do is make a call and read the words on your iPhone screen and you can save hundreds of dollars. This app contains all of the most effective field-tested negotiation scripts that have been tested by Ramit Sethi and readers of his bestselling book, "I Will Teach You to be Rich." During early tests of the app, the average savings per user was $147  with more than two-thirds of the  15 testers saving at least $50. For around five bucks, Negotiate It is the perfect app for financial and productivity junkies...